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Video empowers brands to motivate their audience. You can clearly communicate a story, convey emotion and answer essential questions around campaigns, brands and products. 

How Can We Help?

We have years of experience creating promotional videos, event footage, training films and product videos.  If you are looking to create corporate videos for your business or brand then we can help you out.  

BetterCommerce were looking to showcase the effects their systems have had for Forever Unique, a video case study was the perfect way to share the full story of the transformation. Discover more about how we helped them with video content.

Video: What we Offer

Promotional Videos

Let your customers and clients know what you are all about with a strong, branded video. Here at Childsey, we know how important it is to create a message that translates via video and invokes the desired action.

360 Degree Film

A revolutionary format, the 360 video drives high engagement rates. This spherical form of video tends to make viewers watch for longer, helping out Google's engagement algorithm on your site.  It's also a great motivator to drive views, shares and viewing of other related videos. 

Events: In-person, Hybrid or Virtual

We have been filming for and at events such as annual conferences for years and have become specialists in using minimal crew to maximum effect.  Childsey event videos stand out from the crowd because of our unique ability to adapt our style to reflect the atmosphere of your event.

Training Films

We help businesses create compelling training videos that actually make a difference. Great for SEO as they hold tonnes of knowledge and information (letting Google know you guys are the experts in the subject area) but equally great for social sharing and engagement, training videos can be used as part of your marketing strategy or simply as part of your internal corporate strategy to train your team.

Product or Collection Videos

Product or collection videos are the perfect means of showcasing your product in action, allowing your target audience to see it in context and get the lowdown on all its USP’s, cool features, functions and benefits. Basically, product pages which feature great short videos explaining why the product rocks, convert. 


We can create e-learning video production for corporate training, as well as online learning for the public sector, education providers and charities.  Let us know what you need and we can think about the best way to create it.

Video for Marketing Campaigns

We create work that delivers your individual business goals and objectives. It not only looks great, but more importantly it delivers the right message to your target audience.

More About Us

Climate Positive Agency

We take our responsibility towards climate change seriously. We have started working with Ecologi to plant trees for each member of our team. You can find out how long we have been a climate positive workforce and how many trees we have planted so far here.

Video & Media Production Agency

From video strategy to production and post-production we support your video marketing efforts by handling all aspects of content creation. Our strategic digital marketing services, combining the skills of our passionate team to deliver multi-faceted campaigns bespoke to your business and goals.  

Get in touch with us for an informal chat if you have a project you think we could help with. In need of a website update? Explore our Web Design Services for more information.

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