Real Food Co. Case Study

The Real Food Co. had back and front end systems that were causing confusion and frustration for customers and an admin burden for their team. 

The project was structured around the owners requirements for new front-end convenience-based functionality & back end integrations to remove the admin burden of the inflexible legacy system.

Built from scratch, the website has functionality to make meal ordering as simple as possible:

Meal variations with dynamic nutritional info.
Subscriptions with defined meals & random meal functionality.
Easy reorder.
Mailchimp integration for automated marketing campaigns.
Loyalty scheme to incentivise key metrics.
Bespoke data exports
Dynamic delivery and payment options based on address and product type.

Alongside this, the backend process was completely redesigned with a bespoke output designed to the Real Food co. specifications. 


"When Real Food Co. first became a live business around 14 months ago, I had a vision of how I wanted us to be represented online. We launched our first website in January 2020 using the Shopify platform. Many nights were spent trying to understand the various different elements of how to build a website from scratch using the basic structure and then adding functionality through plug-ins. A website was launched but it was a long way from what I felt was needed to offer our customers what they wanted and also me the data output I needed to efficiently run the business. Due to those two things not being achieved, only 30% of orders went through the site with the rest coming through various other manual methods that resulted in an overwhelming amount of work compiling all the orders each week. I knew what I wanted but didn’t have the time or knowledge to understand if the Shopify platform could deliver it, never mind develop it. Then Childsey came to the table

Due to the situation around Covid, I had an exploratory call with Simon to discuss the brief of what I wanted to achieve. My expectation was that my expectations would be managed and a lot of my vision would be shelved. Not the case. Childsey have delivered me a website that hits my brief to the finest of detail. They have brought my vision to life. The new functionality I explained to them is a complete step change for my business due to the way it has been delivered. We have seen instant results. We lost around 10% of our weekly turnover due to people forgetting to order. Already a large number of those people have signed up to a subscription meaning that revenue is secure. Every one of our orders is now done through the site meaning we have one source of data for processing orders. Simon and his team worked tirelessly whatever was required to build, test and adjust the reporting systems that has reduced my weekly admin by around nine hours per week – absolutely invaluable time I can spend on other areas.

In short, I can’t recommend Childsey enough. They will listen to your needs, develop solutions and come to you with ideas. The team has a vast amount of experience and knowledge that means they have not only helped with the website development, but also given me valuable objective feedback and guidance around the process within the business. A great job and the catalyst to allow me to take Real Food Co. to the next level.

Graham Smith, Founder, Real Food Co.