Leisure TV Rights: Ninja Warrior UK Marketing Support

In April 2022 we partnered with Leisure TV Rights to assist with the venue launches and marketing for their Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks. 

With sites currently open in Leeds, Walsall, Liverpool and Bristol, these exciting supervised activity and fitness venues are designed to get people of all ages active whilst they have fun on the obstacle courses and inflatable inspired by the hit ITV programme. 

Whilst there are several Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks venues in various locations across the country, the four sites we support are regularly performing abovce expectations.

This is achieved through strategising and supporting Leisure TV Rights’ pre-launch marketing, promotional incentives, competitions and both paid and organic social media for each of the venues. 

During our time managing each of the four venues’ social media accounts, we have reached over 2.5 million Facebook users and over 220,000 Instagram users.

Through a focus on social strategy, we have boosted Facebook Reach by 1.4K% and Instagram Reach by 100%, with Facebook page likes up 279.5%. This, combined with our email marketing strategy, has seen over 1 million visitors through the doors of the venues since April 2022. 

The Approach

As we initiated our marketing efforts for Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks, the Leeds location had already been operational for several months, while upcoming launches in Walsall, Liverpool, and Bristol were slated for 2022. 

Our foremost objective was to craft a highly refined marketing strategy, focusing on effectively reaching the intended audience in each specific region. We aimed to achieve this through a combination of targeted social media and email marketing campaigns.


Whilst working with Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks we have overseen the successful launches of the brand-new sites in Walsall, Liverpool and Bristol. 

This was achieved through arranging celebrity and PR appearances for each of the opening days, whilst also focusing on organic social media growth in the weeks leading to the launches and beyond. Regularly sharing fun, engaging content that shows the challenging yet entertaining nature of the venues has led to a strong organic following on each of the accounts. 

Alongside this, we gained interest from local communities through outreach to various sports teams, schools and other clubs to showcase each of the venues as a fantastic place for team building and other social events. 

As part of our ongoing marketing strategy for Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks, we have also arranged and managed photography shoots to ensure that the imagery and video content used across both social media and email remains fresh, relevant and consistent to the brand.

Social Strategy 

Outside of launches, we have supported each of the venues through various important milestones including half terms, Black Friday, Christmas preparations and Leeds’ and Walsall’s first anniversaries.

We continue to post fresh, relevant content that engages users and encourages them to interact with posts, which in turn results in higher social reach and website traffic. We have launched a paid social media campaign for Ninja Warrior, strategically targeting users at various stages of the funnel.

We even flew our drone around at the Liverpool site to build some engaing content.

Email Marketing 

To further support website traffic and venue footfall, we incepted an email marketing strategy to generate further interest in the venue, remind people of critical dates and seasonality.

Through our regular broadcast emails, we have achieved an average open rate of around 25% from over 150,000 subscribers.

Long-lasting relationships

Outside of our ongoing marketing strategy, we have created a variety of POS advertising and health and safety collateral, such as posters, packages, roller banners, menus and leaflets. These have all been in line with brand guidelines to drive sales and build awareness, as well as drive traffic to the website through the usage of QR codes. 

We have had a great experience working with the Childsey team.  They have helped us to define and implement our marketing strategy while we have expanded at pace to open multiple leisure venues nationwide.  We have enjoyed excellent results so far and look forward to working with them in the long term. We wholeheartedly recommend them!

Lisa Buckley, CEO, Leisure TV Rights. 

Our partnership with Leisure TV Rights and Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks is one that we look forward to continuing. 

If your current marketing strategy isn’t driving the results you’re hoping for, get in touch with us to see how we can help you.