Why Is Local SEO Important?

June 19, 2024
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Why Is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO is the process of optimising your online visibility to attract potential customers in your immediate geographic area. By mastering this powerful marketing tactic, you can position your brand as the go-to solution for your local community.

Is Doing Local SEO Worth It?

The statistics speak for themselves: 97% of people search online to learn about a local company or organisation, and 35% of businesses say that local SEO is critical for their success.

A staggering 76% of local searches result in a visit to a business within a day. These numbers highlight the immense opportunity that lies in leveraging local SEO to drive traffic, leads, and conversions.

How Local SEO Works

Local SEO operates on a slightly different set of principles compared to traditional SEO. While the foundational elements, such as high-quality content and technical optimization, remain the same, local search algorithms also consider three key factors:


How closely do your business information, products, and services align with the user's search query?


The proximity of your business to the searcher's location.


The perceived authority and trustworthiness of your business within your local community.

These factors determine how your business appears in the two main types of local search results:

Local Pack

The top three local listings are displayed on a map, typically featuring the business name, address, phone number, reviews, and other key details.

Organic Results

The standard web page listings that appear below the local pack, can also be optimised for local search.

By understanding and optimising these local ranking factors, you can increase your chances of appearing in the most visible and high-converting local search results.

Mastering Local SEO

Effectively leveraging local SEO requires a multifaceted strategy. Let's dive into the key steps to help you dominate your local market:

1. Conduct Thorough Local Keyword Research

Identifying the right local keywords is the foundation of your local SEO success. Start by using tools like Google's Keyword Planner, Semrush's Keyword Magic Tool, and Google Trends to uncover the search terms and phrases that potential customers in your area are using.

Pay close attention to long-tail keywords that include location-specific modifiers, such as "best Italian restaurant in [city]" or "plumber near me." These hyper-targeted keywords often have lower competition and higher intent, making them valuable for your local SEO strategy.

Additionally, analyse your competitors' top-performing keywords to identify opportunities and gaps in your own local keyword targeting.

2. Optimise Your Google Business Profile (GBP)

Your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is a critical tool for local SEO. Ensure that your GBP listing is complete, accurate, and up-to-date with details like your business name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and a compelling business description.

Encourage customers to leave reviews on your GBP, as these can significantly influence your local search rankings. Respond to both positive and negative reviews in a timely and professional manner to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

3. Build a Robust Network of Local Citations

Local citations are online mentions of your business's name, address, and phone number (NAP) on directories, websites, and other online platforms. The more consistent and high-quality your local citations, the more trustworthy your business will appear to search engines.

Leverage tools like Semrush's Listing Management to identify and correct any inconsistencies in your local citations, as well as distribute your business information to a wide range of authoritative local directories.

4. Create Locally Relevant Content

Producing content that resonates with your local audience is crucial for local SEO. This can include blog posts about local events, industry news, or tutorials that address the specific needs of your community. Ensure that your content features relevant local keywords and provides genuine value to your target customers.

Consider creating dedicated location-based pages on your website to highlight your services in specific geographic areas. This can help you rank for hyper-local searches and demonstrate your expertise within your community.

5. Implement Effective On-Page Optimisation

On-page SEO is just as important for local search as it is for general SEO. Ensure that your website is optimised for local keywords in key areas, such as page titles, meta descriptions, header tags, and content.

Leverage internal linking to strengthen the relationships between your location-specific pages and improve the overall user experience and site architecture.

6. Acquire Relevant Local Backlinks

Backlinks, or links from other websites to your own, are a crucial ranking factor for local SEO. Focus on building relationships with other local businesses, community organisations, and industry-relevant websites to acquire high-quality, contextual backlinks.

Strategies like guest posting, sponsoring local events, and leveraging unlinked brand mentions can all be effective for building a strong local backlink profile.

7. Monitor and Optimise Your Local Presence

Local SEO is an ongoing process, and it's essential to regularly monitor and optimise your efforts. Use tools like Semrush's Position Tracking to track your keyword rankings and local search visibility over time, and make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

This not only helps to improve your reputation but also signals to search engines that your business is actively engaged with its local community.

Leveraging the Power of Local SEO

Remember, local SEO is an ongoing journey, and it's essential to remain agile and adaptable as search engine algorithms and consumer behaviour evolve.

Embrace the power of local SEO, and watch as your brand becomes the go-to solution for your community. With a strategic, data-driven approach, you can unlock a world of opportunities and accelerate your business growth.

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